Saturday, September 22, 2012

Today is the Equinox- in Latin it means "equal night".  So it is the beginning of the we shall be as our light faces its dark side...maybe realizations come.  My fate is not an easy one because I have a moon in Scorpio...which as much as I'd like to believe my life is not influenced my celestial positions...the profile is a bit correct.  I am able, willing and fascinated to travel into my own dark depths.  I am extremely emotion oriented.  But I am also useful for in each zodiac position has purpose...I can deal with the dark side aspects of life- grief, death, trauma.  I might know the path well, thus I maybe able to help my follow travelers who are stuck in the underworld.  So I have written a very dark poem...but it is not the kind of lover you think of...this is a family member who I love immensely.. will you will get it I think...ah the dramas we enter...and create...

BTW- I have decided if my nature is intense, deep emotional sensitivity, proud, able to love passionately, watery, striking be it...I think if I judged myself or tried to ignore my would be bigger mess...

It is strange....I have students who are the bright honors and the dark -not-in-the-box of academia...repeaters....dark is not a bad word in my vocabulary....and I am falling in love with each of my dark siders...they have their own broken or just not the kind of motivation for the factory like structure of public school....they breed patience in me...they transform me more than the honors students...I almost cannot relate to the bright angels...if someone asked me right now to give up one or the other...I surely would give up the honors and stay with my slow motion Joes...weird right?


Beyond the
Underworld I reside
A stealth of love
Hangs itself
The reed of forgiveness
Breaks on the wind
And disappears on the horizon
I can not tuck my emotion
Into a secret corner
And let it die.
It is a raging flame
I will let it grow and consume
wielding a path out into
The future where I shall walk
Again and again. 
My fate is written
For the depths I visit
The nature of my soul and heart
Are filled with dark matter,
Love, hurt, pride, - all in a
Tumultuous affair
pulsing with their own energy
wicked in their desires
Some enigmatic grace is an
Ember in the shadows
The betrayal continues but the
Sword that love wields only cuts
Itself, for being the ever fool lover

Kori, Sept 22 Equinox