Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pieces of the Infinite

an original signature
reverberates through limitation,
hunting the flame

I don’t know where you are
but I do know who you are

You are a particle and wave of light
a piece of the infinite
taken flight

My water and your water are born from a
the same source divine

It does not matter if you are in my space or time
I feel your tone, rhythm and essence seep into mine

When you transform energy
I feel it deep inside
like the Moon
shifting the tides

Space and time is a rock
sinking to the bottom of
the eternal river
Our limbs are tied to it
and we are drowning
even though
we are natural swimmers

I wait for your release
for my breath to travel deep
to awaken the coiled serpent
for your energy to penetrate
my field of being

The water in you is a tidal wave of desire
I can feel it in my dreams
crashing down on
my desolate shore
only one more shift and
a tsunami will annihilate all falseness
the dragon of fate will summons the flame to ignite
and we will rise like vapor
seduced by the sun.

kori 2012